How To Buy Saturna Coin? Is Saturna Crypto Going To Blow Up In 2021?

Over the past couple of years, the cryptocurrency market has seen explosive growth as prices of the most popular cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed and a lot of new cryptocurrencies have been launched. In this article, we’ll be looking at Saturna crypto, a new coin that has recently been launched. Saturna Coin has been getting a lot of attention online in the crypto community.

Over the past year, Altcoins have become a great investment opportunity for people. Basically, any coin other than a Bitcoin can be called an Altcoin. Examples of a few Altcoins would be Ripple, VeChain, Dogecoin etc. Over the past year, the prices of Altcoins have risen significantly, even overshadowing the percentage gains of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Read on to know more about Saturna Coin and how to buy Saturna Coin in India. 

What is Saturna Coin? 

Saturna is a cryptocurrency token that was launched via the Binance Smart Chain Network. According to the Saturna website, Bonfire is an inflationary token that works similar to how the Safemoon token works. The Saturn token rewards HODLers (token holders) with more coins by taxing the people who choose to sell their coins. 5 per cent of all Bonfire transactions are distributed amongst the community, whereas 5 per cent is added back to the liquidity pool.

However, people should be really careful when buying coins like these. Over the past few months, many coins like Safemoon, SafeGalaxy and other coins have been made and turned into pump and dump schemes. However, these coins were very obvious pump and dump coins that left a lot of losses for a lot of people. These coins are made to make quick profits and exit the markets. Just like these coins, Saturna has no intrinsic value, nor does it provide a real use case function like Ethereum or ICP do.

Where to buy Saturna Coin?

At the time of writing this article, the Saturna price stands at $0.000000133466, as per the Poomarketcap website. Saturna is not yet available on any exchange in India but it can be purchased on the Pancake Swap website. In order to buy Saturna on Pancake Swap, investors will need an existing crypto wallet like Trust wallet or they can create one through the Metamask browser extension. It should be noted that investors will need to deposit Binance Coin (BNB) into their wallets before they can trade Bonfire on the Swap platform. This is the Saturna token contract – 0x1e446cbea52badeb614fbe4ab7610f737995fb44. This can be used on Pancake Swap to buy Saturna. 

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