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Can US citizens use CREX24?

Kevin VoigtSep 28, 2021

As fiat-crypto trade is allowed, deposits can be made in the form of bank transfers and credit cards, as well as existing cryptocurrencies. However, the exchange is not open to all users, as access by residents and citizens of the UK, USA, Canada, and Israel is limited.

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Also, how do I withdraw from CREX24?

To withdraw funds from your CREX24 account, go to the "Account" page. After that, you will receive an email confirming your withdrawal (pic. 2). (If you did not make the withdrawal request, cancel the transaction in your account and contact the exchange's technical support.)

Regarding this, what is ProBit exchange? ProBit Exchange is a global Top 20 crypto exchange in real daily trading volume that has successfully completed over 200 rounds of IEO. ProBit Exchange also features over 500 trading pairs - one of the highest in the market.

Moreover, is Crex exchange legit?

exchange is a SCAM. BEWARE!!! They Made me deposit 0.1 btc to be able to withdraw the money the "buyer" paid me there for a Domain Name I sold.

Is CREX24 exchange safe?

Crex24 is a SCAM Market. I deposited BNB 3 days ago but I haven't received it for quite some time. Few hours later, I contacted the support and got a robotic reply. They repeat the same thing over and over again (we will solve your issue as soon as possible).


Verification Procedures

CREX24 shall establish its own procedures for determining compliance with the anti-money laundering standards and Know Your Customer (KYC) policy. CREX24 Customers complete a verification procedure (they must provide an identification document issued by the state: passport or an ID card).

Is CREX24 regulated?

CREX24 is not regulated. However, the company states that customers' investment assets are held securely.

How safe is ProBit exchange?

They are legit (100% SAFE)

How do I use ProBit exchange?

Once you have deposited sufficient funds into your account to start trading, click “EXCHANGE”. You will be directed to the exchange. Take a few minutes to get familiar with the interface of the ProBit trading platform. On the left-hand side of the interface you can see all available markets with their trading pairs.

Where is ProBit Exchange located?


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